Laying the Foundation: Wine Cellars

Try Chianti paired with braised beef.

Start your own family wine!

Things To Consider Before You Build Your Own Wine Cellar

Ask any wine enthusiasts, whether they make their own wine, collect rare vintages or just simply enjoy it, and they will tell you that wine needs to be properly stored. Most people are aware that wine takes time to age. But good wine takes more than that. Everything from temperature and humidity can effect the maturation of the wine. Even the level of light the wine is exposed to can make the difference between success and failure. These conditions are more important for wine intended for consumption, rather than cooking wine. If you are serious about your wine, you should consider creating a wine cellar in your home. This will probably take considerably more than framing and drywall. There are many factors to keep in mind if you are considering putting in your own wine cellar. Here are some tips, secrets and suggestions.

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