Part III: Caring for the Crop


An air conditioning system is a great way to maintain the consistent temperature and humidity required by a fine wine cellar. However, if you choose to install one you will need to consider the insulation of your room. You will want to make sure not only that the room is properly treated to maintain the cooler temperature, but that you have a good door that will seal the room. A broad door, or one treated with insulation will help you keep the cool, moist air inside and the hot, dry air out. Not only will proper insulation help you maintain an ideal temperature for wine, but it will also make the whole process more efficient. Many people like to choose glass doors, so they can show off their collection. This is fine as long as that door does not let in too much light. Double paned glass will help protect your wines from UV rays, if you choose to use a glass door.

Wine Cellars Protect Your Investment.

While constructing a fully fledged wine cellar in your home can be an expensive and difficult task, you can approximate one, keeping these tips in mind. But if you intend to invest a lot of money in your wine collection, or a lot of time in making your own wines, then making an investment to store them properly makes sense. Wine is not something whose corners you can cut. Keep in mind that you are not only building a home for your present collection of excellent wines, but securing a place for your future store.

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